Your great smile starts
with a great dentist.

We provide care that makes sense!
Our main goal is the satisfaction and health of our clients, we want you to feel comfortable with us and know that we care about you.

Dental services

Dental hygiene

Care for the health of gums and teeth. Removal of tartar, dental plaque and pigment spots.

dentistry / fillings

We make high-quality fillings in the colour of your teeth. During the procedure, we try to be minimally invasive and preserve as many healthy teeth and original healthy dental tissues as possible.

Root canals(endodontics, re-endodontics)

In some cases, the treatment of the root canals themselves, which we also perform at our clinic, is necessary to preserve the tooth.

aesthetic reconstructions

We carry them out if you are not satisfied with the shape or colour of your teeth. As well as in cases of damaged teeth, which we can reconstruct to be indistinguishable from healthy teeth.

Teeth whitening

In cases where the classic filling is no longer sufficient, we also make ceramic or composite semi-crowns and crowns. Thanks to them, we can reconstruct damaged teeth so that they will not be distinguished from healthy teeth after the procedure.

X-ray(3D, panoramic X-ray, [opg.], intraoral X-ray)

Based on radiographs, we can accurately determine a specific diagnosis or problem. Thanks to this, we can also accurately determine the subsequent treatment procedure.


Aesthetic crowns, semi-crowns or bridges. We do this in cases where the tooth is damaged to such an extent that it cannot be repaired only by a filling.


We provide a wide range of dental surgery options. We provide a wide range of surgeries from simple to complicated interventions and extractions.


We make complete replacements for missing teeth using implants inserted directly into the bone.

Price List

Each tooth and patient’s situation as well as its solution is individual. That’s why we always choose the best tailor-made solution for you.

Every client will receive a treatment plan in which the necessary therapy is simply described. It is explained why the procedures need to be performed and you will also find out how much your treatment will cost.

Wisdom teeth

Third molars or wisdom teeth.

We perform complete extractions of third molars, whether simple or even surgically demanding.

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Dermatological services

Initial skin

Diagnosis and treatment of skin problems and diseases. The initial skin examination always starts with a consultation - then, after the consultation and examination, the doctor will suggest the best solution for your problem.

Follow-up skin

The initial examination is followed by a follow-up examination and possible further care. We approach each client individually, so a particular procedure always depends on a particular problem.


Dermoscopy is a professional examination of moles, pigment spots and monitoring of their condition and possible changes.

Coming soon

We are also preparing other dermatological services, treatments and procedures for your maximum comfort and perfect dermatological care.

You can also look forward to modern instrumentation in the field of dermatology.

We accept new patients!

Stylish, modern and
innovative dental clinic.

We are a private, modern and stylish dental clinic in Trenčín and we believe that your great and healthy smile starts with a great dentist! Our main goal is the satisfaction, health and comfort of our clients. We want them to feel comfortable with us and know that we care about them. Our clients are provided care that makes sense! Therefore, we approach our work and care for our patients individually, humanely, and as if we were providing it to ourselves - we do not want clients to come back to us due to recurring problems. On the contrary, we are here to solve your problems. Also in our clinic, we place a high emphasis on professionalism, detail, aesthetics, functionality and, above all, health. We are able to achieve this thanks to all our great experts, our team and state-of-the-art, innovative technological background. Our work is a team game and therefore we employ only the best and carefully selected specialists. At the same time, our goal is also a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in our team and in the clinic because we believe that especially then we can provide the best care and pleasant feeling from the visit to our clients. We want you to feel good and comfortable with us despite the fact that you are at the dentist. :)

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Handicap access, lift
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Modern equipment and technology

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